Hila Vinegar Battery

Use this battery to power a calculator.

Vinegar Battery Video

We have drawn on our experience as teachers and children’s camp operators in developing this video resource. It would make an excellent addition to the science and technology resources in any library.



The above image shows the construction of this simple battery.  A zinc coated nail (2" galvanized nail) and length of copper wire (6 cm of 14 gauge copper wire) are suspended in vinegar (4% acetic acid).  A discarded film container is ideal for this project.

The copper lead is the "+" terminal of the battery and the galvanized nail is "-".

According to our meter, this vinegar battery is producing .834 volts.  This battery still only produces a tiny current.

Connect more batteries in series to increase voltage and current flow.
Three batteries will cause an LED to glow dimly.