Vinegar Powered Calculator

A project from the Hila Research Center

Video - Vinegar Powered Calculator

LCD calculators draw very little  current.
Our  vinegar  battery  easily  runs  these  devices.

Take the back off of an inexpensive calculator, remove the battery
extend the two battery wires out the sides then reassemble.

Wires extended
important: note "+" and "-" ends of wire.

Build two battery cells using copper wire and galvanized nails.
1 - 10 cm copper wire (small gauge)
1 - 15 cm copper wire (small gauge)
2 - 2" galvanized nails
1 - 10 cm regular insulated wire (20 gauge)

Note the copper wire from one battery connects to the galvanized nail on the other.
The copper wire is the "+" terminal of the battery.

We used a piece of breadboard to make connections.

The battery assembly ready to be connected to the calculator.

Connected to calculator.
Make sure copper wire is connected to "+" wire of calculator.

Electrical tape and thumb tacks secure the assembly.

To fill  the  battery cells,  remove  the wires from the  bread board.
Lift the caps off and carefully add regular vinegar.

Avoid spilling vinegar on the calculator!

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