Who is using Hila Science Videos?

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Our videos are being used by schools,  
universities, museums, clubs and training
centres around the world.

TV Ontario Independent Learning Centre

Harper Collins Publishing UK

Tshwane  University of Technology, South Africa

Renfrew County Catholic District School Board

University of Guelph, Office of Open Learning

Harvard, Museum of Comparative Zoology

South Carolina School District

Singapore Botanic Gardens, Singapore

Elementary Schools, Ottawa-Carleton  DSB

National Science Museum, Korea

Toowoomba School District, Queensland,  Australia

Nebraska Dept. of Agriculture

United States Environmental Protection Agency

National University of Ireland, Galway

Diablo Canyon Power Plant, California,  Training Department

What are users saying?

Lemon Battery
"Our School District LOVES your lemon battery video." , J. Goodsell, teacher, South Carolina

Size of the Sun
" Another GREAT video...This stuff is great for homeschoolers." - Josh, USA

Orchid Bees
"Please continue making these tremendously educational and entertaining video's" - H. Linux, Australia

Buoyancy and Density
"We watched this in my grade 8 class today." - Abby, student, Canada
"next week will be my science test I'm sure I will pass because of this
thanks a lot! " - Chris, Singapore

Life Cycle of Insects
"FANTASTIC!!! Thank you for sharing!!! We learned so much!! " - Kastn, USA

Structures - The Arch
"Nice video...I've added it to my website with a lesson plan!" - Bernie, Teacher, Japan

Mechanical Advantage - Pulleys
" I learned something about pulleys and something about teaching." - N. Eufer, Teacher, USA

Construct a Dome
"Fantastic video, geweldig goede video, fantastische instructie, great!" - M. Schroeder, Netherlands

"this video was very helpful in understanding the step by step extraction of DNA. Thanks!" - Anna, Student, USA

Energy from the Wind
"I can see I'm going to like this site. All the science principles simply and brilliantly demonstrated (and with interesting applications)." Bill, USA

Galileo and Telescopes
"educational and interesting..........great post " Maxine, UK