Experimenting with Wireless Transmission

The Titanic used Morse Code and a primitive type of wireless transmission to send
distress signals while it was sinking.

This simple circuit demonstrates wireless transmission. You can send Morse Code
signals over distances of a few meters to any AM radio.


R1 - 2.2k Ohms
IC1 - 555
C1 - 10 uF
C2 - 220 uF
+V - 9 volts
antenna - 3 meters 25 gauge magnet wire.

The antenna is created by winding 3 meters of wire on two 12 cm sticks secured 6 cm apart.
Any wire is OK for the antenna.
The switch is constructed from a small piece of aluminum cut from a cookie sheet.
We attached the antenna, breadboard and switch to a piece of wood.

To use the transmitter, turn a radio set to the AM dial.  Place your transmitter close to the radio.
Hold the switch closed and tune the radio to the loudest signal.

This transmitter has a range of a few meters. Experiment with different antenna systems on
both the transmitter and the radio to increase the range.