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Electronics 1

This document is a brief introduction to electronics. Check the sources at the bottom for some recommended reading and dealers in electronic supplies and equipment.

A basic circuit:



             LED's (Light Emitting Diodes) are easily damaged if too much current flows through them. For this reason it is necessary to use a resistor to reduce the current flow. Note that LED's have a "+" and "-" lead, the "-" lead is beside a "notch" in the plastic base of the LED. If you connect an LED backwards it won't work. See "Sources" at the bottom for ideas on where you can get more information.


Radio Shack stores are found throughout Canada and the United States making them a convenient source for electronic supplies and equipment. The stores carry a complete stock of basic electronic supplies.

Some recommended products from Radio Shack:

Active Electronic Components stores are found throughout Canada and the United States. These stores carry an extensive stock of electronic supplies and equipment for both the hobbyist and the professional.

Active is an excellent source for components and breadboards (# 70H05).